We know social media is a necessary evil for many event marketing teams. Most times though, you do not have enough time or energy to do it well.

Seriously, there are so many elements to keep straight within an event. Event materials need to be always on-hand and on-brand. You have to ensure people visit and engage at your event. Not to mention, you need to be agile for random disasters.

Now, in addition, you’ve got to be tweeting, posting to Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, blah blah blah. We know, shoot you now.

Here we say, “Don’t be mad at social media. Get help.” Latitude has your back. We know how to effectively run social media for marketing events and have the skilled manpower to support you.

From researching relevant influencers to optimizing YouTube videos for search, Latitude is a soup-to-nuts social media solution for event / intercept marketing teams and agencies. Just like our technology development, everything we do is custom. We do not apply any cookie cutter formats for any client. We produce exactly what works for your brand. Sometimes that means we don’t use platforms like Twitter. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.


Before you struggle to try to do all things at your next event, give us a shout. Let’s discuss how we can help you engage with your customers, existing and prospective, in an impactful way.