Think of the number of people at an event who never encounter your display. Now, think about how to encourage those people to interact. This loss of engagement can be mitigated by mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has to be most convenient form of connecting to a consumer…ever.

Something as simple as a sign is where it begins–signs around a venue, in parking lots, etc., can prompt consumers to text a keyword to a shortcode. The consumer will then receive an auto-response with a web link to an online form to capture their information and/or information about how to find your display. These two areas are key to the future of providing full-service data capture and event marketing support.

The main goal of our full-service data capture and event marketing support is to engage consumers, not just hope that they will remember your brand later. The fact is they will not “just remember later” – they need to be engaged so that your brand is kept top of mind more often not.