Whether you run marketing events for your company or a client, "results" are expected. They are "results", because they can be vague or unrealistic. In some cases, it seems you are expected to deliver miracles. You do all you can to bring about the best events possible. Yet somehow your stakeholders want more.

For instance, stakeholders want to see an increase in sales, so you make sure you collect leads for them. A lot of time is taken to integrate a system to collect leads. You find ways to bring in tons of leads for the sales team. Yet that still is not enough.

View a gallery of some of our events.

View a gallery of some of our events.

Sales cannot handle the volume, meaning they are losing the momentum you built with prospects. Or the leads you drew are not good enough, because their ideal prospects don't attend event like yours. Yet they know what you have done is valuable, but they still want to decrease the event marketing budget. It used to be so much easier, didn't it?

Even if you collect perfect leads, that is not enough. Gone are the days where you can collect a bunch of names, numbers and addresses and contact them whenever you want. People are finicky. If you do not engage them in a relevant way, you will lose them as a customer. It's a never-ending problem.


Enter Latitude Digital

Latitude Digital is a marketing strategy and technology company, specializing in lead capture technology used by event / intercept marketing agencies and teams. We create cross-platform, API-agnostic applications which help B2C companies develop deeper relationships with their customers.

Simply put, we build custom systems to collect information from the people who matter to you most: your customers.


Our mission is to help existing and new brand partners grow the effectiveness of their marketing efforts through technology, strategy, and social media.